Bolivar County, Mississippi…

Where you will find a warm welcome and the help you need for business growth and profitability. Long known for its rich farm land, Cleveland and Bolivar County today offer fertile ground for profitable business investment, whether you desire to establish a new plant or expand or relocate an existing facility. Among the many plus factors that offer you ingredients for success are:

An abundant and willing labor force in a “right-to-work” atomosphere.

A supportive business environment that includes tax and financing incentives, employee wage rebates and grant opportunities for new job creation and capital investment.

Customized personnel training programs, provided in a nearby vocation/technical training facility, in mobile units that can be located near your facility, or programs conducted inside your plant…or any combination of these options.

Excellent location for transportation to national and international markets by highway, rail, air or water.

An existing industrial base, with for industrial parks totaling over 2,000 acres readily available for location of new industry.

An area rich in all of the elements conducive to the enjoyment of an exceptionally fine quality of life.  These include Delta State University, two community colleges, advanced health care facilities, opportunities for outdoor recreation, various cultural activities…and safe, friendly neighborhoods that embrace newcomers with the kind of warm Southern hospitality so traditional for the Mississippi Delta.

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