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Located in the heart of the legendary Mississippi Delta region, Bolivar County's geography offers a panoramic view of fertile fields that stretch endlessly to the horizon.

It is home for a people that share rich Southern heritages and possess a deep pride in the area's many significant contributions to the nation's varied cultures of music, writing and the performing arts...and a tradition of hospitality that embraces newcomers with a warm and friendly welcome.

On its western border, the mighty Mississippi - which the native Indians called "The Father of Waters" - flows timelessly down to the Gulf of Mexico, carrying on its surface cargoes of raw materials and finished products to the markets of the world. Yes, Bolivar County will capture your mind and heart and make you forever one of its own.


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Distances to Major Metropolitan Areas

Atlanta, GA - 424 miles
Chicago, IL - 642 miles                                                                           

Dallas, TX - 429 miles                                                                          

Memphis, TN - 110 miles                                                                           

New Orleans, LA - 317 miles                                                                            


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