Sites & Buildings

Available Sites:

Charles W. Dean Industrial Park

Rosedale Industrial Park

Shelby Industrial Park
Rosedale-Bolivar County Port

Bolivar Utilities

Available Buildings:

Delta Logistics  

Tyson Foods



Bolivar County has a myriad of attractive industrial sites in five industrial parks totaling approximately 2,260 developed acres. No matter what your location, space, utility, or transportation requirements are, Bolivar County has the site that is right for your company.

Available Utilities

    Entergy is Bolivar County’s primary electric power provider and can meet your company’s power needs with uninterrupted service. Entergy Corporation’s total owned production capacity is 22,604 megawatts; and, most importantly, reserve margins are adequate to assure a dependable source of reasonably priced electricity for the future.

    Natural gas is provided for Bolivar County’s industrial parks by Atmos Energy. Industrial customers normally negotiate contracts directly with the gas utility.

    AT&T, our primary local exchange provider, supports leading edge telecommunication applications such as ATM, Frame Relay, Internet, DSL, and wireless in Bolivar County.

    Water and wastewater are also provided to industrial parks by the municipalities. According to representatives from Baxter Healthcare, Bolivar County’s largest industry, they have found the Cleveland facility to have the highest water quality of any of its U.S. plants.


Land Use History

All industrial park property is publicly owned and can be acquired within 30 days. All sites were previously undeveloped before they were used for agricultural or industrial purposes. Bolivar County does not have zoning regulations at this time. Therefore, only the State of Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) will regulate industrial permitting processes. All sites are free of wetland, archaeological issues and endangered species, located outside the 100-year flood plain, and they are ready for construction.

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